Electric Toy Gun NO.151104A

Electric Toy Gun NO.151104A

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Product Description:

  • 4 TEAM MODE 🔥 Set up teams by colors from Red, White, Green, and Blue, as laser guns can only make harm to the other color.
  • 4 GUN MODES 🔥 Pick up your preferred gun type from Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, and Rocket, both harm and bullets vary.
  • ACTION GAME 🔥 Lights up, sounds and vibrates every time shooting or hit, offer you realistic gun shooting result. Handgrip clip for quick bullet reloads.
  • SUPERB QUALITY 🔥 Certified Child Safety Standard of 0.9mW Infrared Signal Emission, unique outlook design and made by non-toxic ABS in high durability.
  • PERFECT TOY 🔥 This indoor & outdoor laser tag game delivers you extra fun for party and family gatherings. Fits game players of all age, from children to adults, especially for kid boys and girls.


Kit Includes:

- 2 Laser guns

- 2 Badges

- 2 Velcro tapes